Ongoing Research Projects in Vet Farm

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Ongoing Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Air Pollution Studies In Nairobi NCST/Dr. E. Kituyi 2007 38,000 View Details
Developing Regional System For Sweet Potato Planting Materia Inter University Council of East Africa (IUCEA) Prof. Geoffrey Kamau (PI) 2005 16,661 View Details
Increasing Immunity Resilience To Drought In Makueni Distric African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTs) UNEP View Details
Development Of A Treatment Technology For Water With High Fl AQUATECH Co. Nairobi View Details
Allelochemicals In Striga Suppression ICIPE View Details
Ethnomedicinal Plants For East Africa Ethnomedicinal plants for East Africa View Details
Structural Studies Of Biaryl Anthracerol Derivatives Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Wurzburg, Germany/ Prof. A. Yenesew/ Prof. J.O. Midiwo 15,000 View Details
Pesticide Accumulation And Degradation Profiles In Tropical International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) View Details
Metabolic Profiles Of Minerals In Grazing Livestock: Implic Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) View Details
Pesticides Research And Nutrient Flux Measurements In Coasta Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KEMRI) View Details
Trace Elements As Possible Co-factors In The Transmission An Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) View Details
Ecosystem Health In Kenya KWS / Prof. I. Jumba 2,570 View Details
Anti-oxidant Flavonoids Medical College of Georgia, Augusta View Details
Monitoring Of Industrial Effluents And Efficiency Of Pre-tre Nairobi City Council/ Prof. G.N. Kamau / Mr. C.W. Mirikau 70,000 View Details
Chemical Pollution In Kenya Water Systems. A Case Study On National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) International Foundation for Science (IFS) View Details
Occupational Exposure To Industrial Emissions In Nairobi Princeton University / Dr. E. Kituyi 5,000 View Details
Structure Elucidation Of Nature Products From Kenya Southern Cross University Centre for Phytochemistry Australia / Prof. J.O. Midiwo 10,000 View Details
Establishment Of Trace Element Institute For Unesco UNESCO, France / Prof. S. Wandiga / Dr. F. Oduor 3,000 View Details
Reclamation Of Nairobi River Basin UNEP International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)/ Prof. S. Wandiga/ Dr. F. Oduor / Dr. D.K. Kariuki 27,000 View Details
Materials Science Research University of Connecticut USA View Details
Natural Products Research In Kenyan Plants University of Potsdam Germany / Prof. A. Yenesew / Prof. J.O. Midiwo 30,000 View Details
Polymer Science Research University of Stellenbosch, Institute of Polymer Science View Details
Use Of Microscale Experiments In Chemical Education University of Witwatersrand, South Africa View Details
The Walter Reed Project On Antimalarial Compounds From Afric US Army Medical Research Unit / Prof. J.O. Midiwo / Prof. A. Yenesew 20,000 View Details
The Role Of Industrial Ecology In Promoting Sustainable Production And Consumption In Developing Countries. View Details
Bioremediation Of Polluted Environments / Detoxification Of Environmental Pollutants. Prof. G. Kamau (PI) View Details
Biofuel Use And Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Biomass Burning In Kenya Max Planck Institute Germany Prof. S. Wandiga (PI), Dr. Kituyi (PI) View Details
Dissipation, Distribution, Metabolism And Uptake Of Pesticides In Tropical Ecosystems Including Sea Water, Sediments, Soils And Fish IAEA View Details
Trace Elements As Possible Co-factors In The Transmission And Progression Of Hiv/aids In Kenya KEMRI / Prof. I. Jumba 28,570 View Details
Scientific Research In Basic Sciences: Use Of Microscale Experiments In Chemical Education University of Witwatersrand, South Africa View Details
Assessment Of Impact And Adaptation To Climate Change START, TWAS, UNEP/GEF View Details
Increasing Community Resilience To Drought In Makueni District ACTS, UNEP View Details
The Analysis Of Chemical Pollution In Kenyan Water Systems NCST, IFSProf. S.O. Wandiga (PI) View Details
Ecosystem Helath In Kenya`s Wildlife Conservation Areas KW, Peoples Trus London View Details
Mineral Metabolic Profiles In Grazing Livestock In Kenya And Implications For Animal Health And Production KARI, Dean`s Committee UoN / Prof. I. Jumba 37,500 View Details
Alternative Energy Sources In Kenya: Case Studies On Coal Ministry of Energy View Details
Termites As A Source Of Atmospheric Pollution View Details
Environmental Science Technologies. Environmental Pollution Monitoring And Risk Assessment Prof. P. M. Shiundu (PI) View Details
New Water Treatment Technologies AQUATIC Co., Nairobi View Details